Best Studio City Restaurants

Call it yuppie-ville or "ew, gross, The Valley" all you want but there are incredible eateries here. In no particular order:
  1. Sugarfish
    For obvious reasons. Order the Trust Me or the Nozawa, depending on your hunger level.
  2. Kiwami
    Chris Pratt and Anna Faris eat there, so you know it's good. Their baked crab hand rolls are little pillows of heaven and you will want to eat at least 9 of them.
  3. Matsuda
    Surprise! Another sushi restaurant. Hidden gem in a strip mall. Run by the sweetest lady of all time, who gives @Waz cute little pats on the back. Order the scallop sushi and oyster sushi, always incredibly fresh.
  4. Take A Bao
    Asian-y Fusion-y and delicious. Get the Thai peanut chicken bao and the lemongrass caramel chicken wings.
  5. Umami
    I know it's probably not trendy anymore but I still love it. I always go with the Truffle Burger with a turkey patty instead of beef. Also tater tots filled with cheese because God is good.
  6. The Farmers Market every Sunday
    Mediterranean foods, fresh squeezed OJ, a petting zoo (NOT FOR EATING), rice balls filled with different types of heaven, and the best breakfast burritos of all time.
  7. Barrel & Ashes
    You'll definitely need a reservation at this Michelin star-rated BBQ joint. It's stupid popular. Get the hoe cake at dinner and the breakfast hoe cake at breakfast.
  8. Black Market Liquor
    Pricey but worth it. Delicious small plates like the deviled quail eggs and the softshell crab sandwich, and excellent cocktails.
  9. Laurel Tavern
    Grilled artichoke, smoked salmon plate, wings and other great snacks. Avoid on weekend nights, but it's an awesome place for an afternoon drink with fresh air coming through the big open windows.
  10. Joan's on Third (on Ventura Place!)
    They're kind of on my shit list today after I paid $31 for a breakfast burrito, a bagel with smoked salmon and a muffin. That being said, @Waz and I have never had a bad meal here. Super cute environment filled with all kinds of candies and snacks that are so hard to resist.
  11. Tuning Fork
    Hidden little gem on Ventura Place with great burgers, healthy options and lots of beer. Actually, pretend you didn't see this, I want it to be my little secret...
  12. Du-Par's
    Marion, mother of @carolinek knows what's up. Hangover breakfast, giant slices of pie and homemade chocolate milk makes this greasy spoon good at literally any time, day or night. It's open 24 hours to cater to your every desire for a 3 am pastrami sandwich.
  13. Mezzomondo Trattoria
    Fantastic Italian place with the best lasagna you will ever eat. Think your mom makes it better? YOU ARE WRONG.