Foods I Miss From When I Studied Abroad in London and Sydney

Years later, and I still have cravings
  1. Cheezels (Sydney)
    Delicious cheesy rings with a fun little guy on the box that just wants you to enjoy devouring his brethren.
  2. Nando's (London)
    Spicy grilled chicken + fries with peri-peri seasoning + all the sides + pints and pints of Strongbow = so many late night drunk eating times
  3. Nutri-Grain cereal (Sydney)
    Not to be confused with the cereal bars, this cereal box may look like something your grandma stockpiles in case of emergency, but it is heaven.
  4. Bueno bars (London)
    Yeah I know you can find these here if you look hard enough, but I associate these with walking down the high street and looking at all the pretty clothes I couldn't afford, but still in a great mood because I had candy!
  5. French fries with sweet chili & mayonnaise (Sydney)
    Sounds like a super gross combination but trust me, it is outstanding. Australians know their bar food.
  6. Full English Breakfast (London)
    Best. Hangover. Food. Ever.