My Best Story

This is the best story I have. It's all downhill from here.
  1. Back in 2011, I worked in the Feature Post Production department at a major studio.
    My first "big" job. I was constantly nervous about screwing up and desperate to make a good impression.
  2. The studio had just acquired a beautiful little romantic drama at Cannes.
  3. One day, the head of the studio gets a call from his good friend Warren Beatty. Warren is casting his next project and is interested in one of the breakout actresses from this movie and wants to see her work.
    When would Warren like to see it? Oh, how about IN AN HOUR. Is Warren coming to the studio to watch it? No, the screening will take place AT HIS HOUSE.
  4. We in Post have the only copy of the movie - and it's an HDCAM.
    Begin the mad scramble.
  5. We have to send it off the lot to get a DVD made because the on-lot facilities aren't working.
    More furious scrambling.
  6. As we're waiting for the DVD, my boss comes out to where my co-worker and I were sitting and with a big sigh says, "Guys, I'm really sorry, but one of you is going to have to drive this DVD to Warren Beatty's house and wait there while he watches it and then bring it back here and lock it up when he's done."
    Before she finishes her sentence, I interrupt with, "ME! ME. ME. ME. I WILL DO IT." My co-worker could not have given less of a shit, so there was no fight.
  7. It's pouring rain. I'm literally waiting by my car for the DVD to be handed off to me so I can race off as soon as possible.
  8. I get it and make my way up Mulholland in the dark and in the rain.
    I'm on the phone with Warren's assistant the entire time, with him trying to guide me into a hidden driveway that you would never know was there if you weren't looking for it. Sort of like the Room of Requirement.
  9. I make it, I park, and run to the front door of this giant, gorgeous mansion. Who is waiting to greet me, but Warren himself.
  10. He is so incredibly grateful that I came all that way in the rain. He asked me if I had eaten dinner yet and if I'd like something to eat or drink. He asked me all sorts of questions like where I grew up and where I went to school.
    I was probably babbling like an idiot though I can neither confirm nor deny that.
  11. He proceeds to show me all around the bottom floor of his beautiful home that he designed himself.
    I meet his awesome dog that is literally the size of a baby triceratops. His name is Obi (after Wan Kenobi) and I love him immediately.
  12. His assistant gets the DVD set up in the private screening room, while Warren's wife who is only ANNETTE BENING comes downstairs.
    She's just as friendly and gracious as her husband. We talk about how much we love Boston and I gush about how much I loved THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT.
  13. I'm ready to hide in a corner with my hard copy of Variety while they watch the movie, when Warren says, "Nikki, have you seen the movie yet? No? Why don't you watch it with us?"
    I frantically text my boss asking, "Is this ok??" And she says, "YES, go for it!!"
  14. Warren, Annette and I cuddle up under some blankets on some comfy couches and watch the movie together.
    Ok, that is a bit deceiving. They were under a blanket on one couch and I was on another couch.
  15. Afterwards, we discuss our thoughts on the movie and agree it was very well done.
  16. Warren and Annette thank me profusely, I make my way back to the office, lock up the DVD and then go out with some friends for several drinks.
  17. Alllll downhill from here.