Ranking of Celebs Who Share My Birthday

Not a strong showing for January 22nd. Inspired by @ScottySin
  1. 10.
    Guy Fieri
    Literally the worst. With donkey sauce.
  2. 9.
    Ray Rice
    A terrible human being, but still not as bad as Guy Fieri.
  3. 8.
    D.W. Griffith
    Technically an incredible filmmaker but a SUPER racist dude.
  4. 7.
    Jim Jarmusch
    Can't say I'm a fan of his work. Plus he looks this douchey in every picture the Internet has of him.
  5. 6.
    Francis Bacon
    I have no opinion on Francis Bacon.
  6. 5.
    Sam Cooke
    King of Soul, gone too soon.
  7. 4.
    Beverley Mitchell
    I DARE you to not have the 7th Heaven theme song stuck in your head right now.
  8. 3.
    John Hurt
    Just a cool motherfucker. Mr. Ollivander himself.
  9. 2.
    Diane Lane
    I can only dream to look this good at age 51.
  10. 1.
    DJ Jazzy Jeff
    Number 1 for obvious reasons.