Things Andy the Yorkie Will Do to Inconvenience Your Day

  1. This is Andy. He's my co-worker's dog and I think he's up to no good. He's not going to like slash your tires or anything, but he likes to cause some mischief up in here.
  2. He'll change the setting on your iPhone so you think it's an hour later than it really is, to make you think you're late for something.
  3. He'll slightly adjust the hinges on the bathroom door so when you try to get out, the door gets stuck and you have to ram it with your shoulder.
  4. When you're in a meeting, he'll go into your office and lower your chair a bit so it won't be at the perfect height anymore.
  5. He'll raise the ringer volume on your office phone when you're not looking so it blasts you in the ear next time someone calls.
  6. He'll call your girlfriend and pretend to be you, saying you cheated on her with her best friend and you couldn't keep the secret bottled up inside any longer and she'll cry and say why would you do that to me, I thought you loved me and then she'll hang up the phone and you'll never see her again and Andy will just laugh and laugh at your misery.
  7. Ohhhh Andy. You rascal.