Important Screenshots Taken Recently

Inspired by @tavi
  1. I re-read Watchmen recently and was struck by the Frozen parallels. Bless whatever soul created this
  2. Sex Ed is important!
  3. Something I try to remind myself when I'm trying too hard to be kewl
  4. At Jackie O's recently
  5. Always worth remembering, and she is a saint. I'm always really curious how she developed her artistic style.
  6. From Tavi Gevinson's list, which inspired this one
  7. Collaboration between Walt Disney and Salvador Dali that was finally put together not terribly long ago. It's very lovely and stuck in my head often.
  8. I noted my Neko Atsume cats tend to self-segregate, which is unfortunate.
  9. I screen shotted this to have a classy example of how a show/business/entity can handle their social media in a time of crisis. It looks horrible when Twitter blows up with an important and devastating event, and some poor soul has scheduled tweets going up about anything else.
  10. Very typical Halloween questions.