Things I Love

In no order, with no rhyme or reason
  1. My husaband
    I know I said no order, but I always think of him first.
  2. Lilacs
    They are the only thing I miss now that I live in a warmer climate.
  3. Pets
    We have cats and dogs
  4. Wild animals
    We also feed many birds (we live in a bird sanctuary), including a family of woodpeckers, a few raccoons, a bunny or two, once in a while an aardvark...
  5. Music
    Jason Mraz, Idina Menzel, Michael Buble, Bruno Mars, Colbie Caillat, just about anyone who shares happy music with the world!
  6. Reading
  7. Alone time
    What can I say? I'm an introvert.