I make buttons. Lots of them. These are some that are stuck in wine cork magnets in my kitchen
  1. Enrique
    20abea39 384e 4621 8efe 0f9d39430021
  2. "Wine in a box"
    C2d8f3a1 d34f 4ee2 85c3 9e0d6d006dd7
  3. Robin Williams
    C76cb29c 2ada 4542 8a03 431046b9fc27
  4. Ben Affleck
    6c839ac5 5222 422b 9d97 546802963eb0
  5. Potty training
    F56b58e2 e1fd 44c1 b4be 200db32c1446
  6. Kobe (political)
    Edefadab 6808 4cc6 9d6c b9aa598fc245
  7. Gaga
    6f6ed694 bb59 4085 b778 c617b3bf199c