1. It's called The Home of Heroes bc it at one time had more living Medal of Honor recipients than any other U.S. City.
    For a town of 100,000 this is extraordinary. It's also a statistical fluke aided by fact that most Medals of Honor are awarded posthumously bc the recipient died during his courageous act. There is a memorial in a park that you should absolutely visit (during daylight).
  2. It has a River Walk modeled after San Antonio.
    Just much smaller and with no Hooters franchise. It's cute and something you must fit into your visit. If you're from a big city, don't eat at the sushi place 1000+ miles from sea water and 2 hours from the airport where the fish arrived.
  3. Eat a Slopper at Gray's Coors Tavern
    Open-faced hamburger cooked well-done and smothered in delicious green chili. If it has a secret ingredient, I'd guess it's well whiskey...in the cook.
  4. Visit "Historic" Runyan Field
    Youth baseball complex. In this case, historic = never updated and in state of constant decline. It has a "Bojohn Seating Section" sign which is a racist relic akin to a "Colored Section" that refers to folks of (I believe) Slavic heritage. Growing up, Bojohn was still in local vernacular. Supposedly, back in the days of barnstorming, some famous Yankees played there. Also, my brother almost hit a home run on the varsity field in his first at bat there. It's a family legend.
  5. Drag racing is Friday nights during the summer.
    Warning: strong chance it either makes you racist against white people or provokes you to reconsider going for that PhD in Cultural Anthropology.
  6. Pick up a copy of the Pueblo Chieftain
    Pretty sure it remains in high circulation. In the 90s, its subscription rate somehow outpaced the town's literacy rate. It still has a profitable classified ads section.
  7. The levee along the Arkansas River is painted in such a fashion that it is credited as being the longest continuous mural in the world. It goes for miles.
  8. It has a drive in movie theater
    When all the others were closing, they doubled down and added screens. It was a good bet in a town where moms respond to kids' complaints that "there's nothing to do in Pueblo" with "you can go to the Drive-in."
  9. It has a Columbus Day Parade.
    Seriously. It's organized by the Sons of Italy and is the target of a counter rally/protest organized by everyone who read that chapter in the History class textbook. In some families, getting jailed on this day is a father-son tradition.
  10. The Pueblo Reservoir is awesome for water sports/recreation.
    To do it right: find someone with a boat, buy food and beer, get on the water and listen to country music for hours.
  11. They have college football
    Formerly Univ of Southern Colorado, the local campus changed to CSU-Pueblo a few years back. They built a stadium, started a team from scratch and last year were the Div 2 national champions.
  12. Many Puebloans are proud of the storied mafia history. In the 1920s it was known as "Little Chicago."
    Unrelated tangent: Remember the dude on a motorcycle who successfully robbed a Vegas casino a few years ago? He was from Pueblo.
  13. It hosts an amazing State Fair in late August.
    Over 1,000,000 bodies will pass through the gates during its run. Funnel cake, the Gravitron, bull riding and probably a Gin Blossoms show on the free stage.
  14. It's close to camping, historical landmarks, mountain getaways and Denver.