Listed by actual probable quotes from that time
  1. "This 2GB Gateway is so much faster than my parents' computer. It even loads web pages with pictures in under 3-4 seconds."
  2. "I know I should be reading for class but I might as well play a quick game of Duke Nukem."
  3. "You can 'rip' CDs to 'mp3' and then share the songs with other people on campus and it downloads so fast, like, 2 minutes. Look, I just got that Blink 182 song Dammit."
  4. "Some wacko on this message board thinks that one day soon Vertical Horizon is going to be bigger than just opening for Jackopierce."
  5. "I can search the library's card catalogue before I even go to the library"
  6. "There sure are a lot of generous Eastern Europeans out there offering their extensive expertise on penny stocks for free"
  7. "I don't remember giving my email address to Marlboro, Skoal, Kmart and the U.S. Army recruiter..."