As communicated through things I said or thought at the time
  1. "This 2GB Gateway is so much faster than my parents' computer. It even loads web pages with pictures in under 3-4 seconds."
  2. "I know I should be reading for class but I might as well play a quick game of Duke Nukem."
  3. "I heard this band that's playing Cat's Cradle next month so I sent them an email offering to hang fliers on campus. They mailed me a box of fliers and put me on the guest list so if you'll give me a ride, you can be my plus one."
  4. "This Lexus-Nexus thing is incredible. It's like I can go the library without even having to go to the library. The present is so amazing."
  5. "Dude, Gus [later Gus Black] responded to my question about his song the list serve!"
  6. I wonder which email program I should buy.
    Suggested by @gwcoffey
  7. I can't believe AOL just sent me a free trial disc... This is gold!
    Suggested by @mallofamanda