It's Thank a Teacher Day. So I looked up some of mine on the Internet and called them to say thanks.
  1. Mrs. Relph
    Senior English. In addition to being the person who taught me the word 'archetype' she was one. Right before graduation, she had us write letters to ourselves and she mailed them 15 years later. Very cool.
  2. Mr. Cooper
    Middle school social studies teacher who also sponsored the baseball card club. He hooked anyone who paid attention on the Wild West and cool history in general. He also had a sixth sense for showing up just in time to save a nerd from death-by-swirly-drowning. Worth including that his first name is Doyle.
  3. Mrs. Lee
    Middle school Algebra teacher. Absolute rule was the law and it did not get questioned. Hardest class ever but she'd stay after school for hours to help if you asked her to. Unfortunately, none of the three numbers I called was hers.