Please do add your own found treasures!
  1. Working BOSE headphones
    By my brother, while we were walking our bikes home from celebrating his promotion. When it rains, it pours.
  2. MacGyver DVD
    In the rental minivan 8 guys picked up at the Corpus Christi airport on the way to a beach weekend bachelor party. Pro Tip: watching without sound will help you not regret the many hours of wasted youth spent watching with sound.
  3. 100+ 1960s & 70s New Yorkers in a dumpster
    This was not urban foraging. More of a confused walk of shame that took me out the back door instead of the front and let me out right next to this treasure trove. I rode my bike home, got my car and drive back to snag them but they were already gone. Also, I just realized this one is t exactly A/V but I'm leaving it bc my fingers worked so hard to write it.
  4. Working BOSE speakers at the thrift store
    So they weren't found on the side of the road and I did pay for them but not much. Goodwill hadn't tested them and I was about to leave town and wouldn't be back within the return policy so homeboy knocked the $15 price tag down to $5 so we could both move on without guilt or anxiety in our lives.
  5. Mystery VHS tape
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    Found this in my attic about seven years ago while doing some electrical work and I still haven't watched it because I don't have a VCR. It kind of haunts me.
    Suggested by @sloan