You've got limited time to waste. Save it. Additional suggestions to this list are an appreciated public service.
  1. NYT Mag's The Ethicists
    It took 3 people to replace Chuck Klosterman as The Ethicist. I haven't read their columns so don't know if their writing lives up to his but based on their podcast, safe to assume not. Listening to 4 episodes was like taking a soak in the Hot Tub Time Machine only it was a toilet instead of a hut tub and the time machine was broken.
  2. The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe
    There's a lot of gold in these pods but at 70-90 minutes per episode, it can feel like you're panning for it. Readers Digest should spin off a Listeners Digest subsidiary that releases an edited version of this that gets straight to the good stuff and clocks in at 16:18.
  3. The Slate with Mike Pesca
    Put Pesca at Harvard and he'd be captain of the debate team AND editor of the Lampoon. He's witty and brilliant and cares about presenting the news. But he's hit or miss and too often has irrelevant guests. If Listeners' Digest ever starts releasing his daily Spiel bit however, it will be obligatory listening.
  4. Episode 20 of Reply All
    Every other episode is great. Skip this one. I tweeted at the hosts that I thought they mailed it in on this episode and got this response (that I don't understand and would be grateful for an explanation): 🐸🍳📺
  5. Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick
    I actually really like this pod but wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Dahlia is a former court clerk who now covers the Supreme Court and goes deep into each case from all sides. BUT you can get most of the good stuff in a fraction of the time from All Things Considered.
  6. The Gently Mad with Adam Clark
    Cool guy with great guests but too long, too rambling and too hit or miss. Another candidate for Listeners' Digest.
  7. The BS Report with Bill Simmons
    I love me some Bill Simmons. You would too bc he inevitably spends several minutes of each episode spontaneously making lists about utterly inconsequential crap. Unfortunately, most episodes are a rambling waste of your life unless you get lucky and catch one with Chuck Klosterman, Adam Carola (I know, but trust me) or the one when he went on a profanity-laden libelous rant on the NFL and got himself suspended from ESPN.