1. What do have against Amazon Prime?
  2. Will any Apple product ever top the Honeycrisp?
  3. If you had a mustache, what kind of mustache would you have?
  4. How do you respond to Chromecast's claims to be just as good as you even though it's a fraction of your size and cost?
  5. Do you have a drinking problem or fault me for the time I left you plugged in when I was out of town for a week?
  6. Non-Europeans wearing socks with sandals: yes or no?
  7. What are the odds you'll be in the White House in 2017?
  8. When someone says they can't figure out how to hook you up, is your smile a benevolent or condescending one?
  9. Do you silently cackle at me every time I lose your remote?
    Suggested by @sam
  10. @sam Pro tip: finger puppet. The remote loves a finger puppet location device.
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  11. Double pro tip, the remote app from Apple app Store lets you use your phone or tablet instead of the supplied remote.
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    Let the remote and puppet elope together to the land of missing sunglasses and lost lip balms.
    Suggested by @gilbaron