1. How are you handling your newfound popularity? Has it changed you?
  2. When it comes to so-called Super Foods, do you think of spinach as Robin to your Batman?
  3. Who was your favorite member of N.W.A.?
  4. Were you surprised when people started claiming that you tasted good in smoothies?
  5. You've been described as "nature's Brillo Pad for the lower intestine." Do feel that's an accurate characterization?
  6. Are there any celebrity chefs with whom you have a tumultuous relationship?
  7. Everyone knows you and Beyoncé are tight. When did you first meet?
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    Suggested by @lilydiamond
  8. For years you lived under cold-cuts in buffet platters, and now you're front and center; how did you make this leap?
    Suggested by @maxosswald
  9. Spinach was your mentor for years, but you have since parted ways. Why? Was it your meteoric rise that caused the rift?
    Suggested by @brookielyons