1. Will your missing hood ornament negatively impact resale value?
    Serious, who steals a Camry ornament from the car's grill in the teachers' parking lot?
  2. Was your upholstery always like fart memory foam or is that a post manufacturer addition?
  3. When will @starlee release a new Mystery Show?
  4. Why do you act so high miles when you're supposedly still low miles?
    Under 90,000 miles on a 2000. I drive like I'm driving Miss Daisy.
  5. Do later model Camrys make you jealous with their non-skipping CD players and Bluetooth capabilities?
  6. Do you worry that even the NPR member station will refuse to accept you as a donation?
  7. What is a power train?
  8. Were actual horses ever involved in calculating horsepower? If so, were any harmed?
  9. Would the U.S. Men's National Team have avoided that embarrassing loss if Tim Howard had played?