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A lament from the other side of the world. Ok, I know that the world is kind of crazy and everyone is feeling the need to make an extreme move/decision to make the world right again
  1. But I worry that this US election isn't the right move
    I also am worried post-Brexit
  2. Unfortunately true change needs to come from the individual not a leader
    Just look at Barack he tried to make changes but no one followed him. The leader can try and position us to take the chance or to lead you to greatness but if you are scared or aren't prepared to change nothing will ever happen
  3. Your potential new President (if it is indeed Trump - highly likely as I type)
    Is someone for all intents and purpose is one of the Elite - i.e. Someone that can still survive unchanged if trade agreements aren't passed cause ultimately he has already said he plans to change tax levels for individuals in his income bracket. How is this going to help those minority's or low income earners
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You know there are some days you just can't listen to a particular tune! Today's are..,.,
  1. Gotye - Hearts a mess.
  2. Chet Faker - Gold. But am currently listening to the trouble with us so just must be the mood.
  3. Adele - I'll be waiting.
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What's yours???
  1. French Martini
    Vodka, chambord and pineapple juice! Yum!
  2. Pimms
    But with ginger ale and soda water not lemonade. Less sweet which is important when you are drinking all afternoon
  3. Espresso martini
    Coffee and vodka = happy place
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After the atrocities in Nice I have felt the need to write this
  1. Great friends
    Those that are near and those that are far. Those I have yet to meet and those that have touched my life for the better
  2. Family
    For better or worse they are who have made me who I am. Couldn't imagine life without them
  3. Travel
    Being able to explore this amazing world. Exploring the cities, cultures and people you only read about or see on the TV or in the movies. And having the list that you can cross of each time you manage to get there. Adding to it constantly
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Sitting in the sun feeling chilled and thought why not Li.st
  1. The flowers in Karen and Ian's garden in Kent
  2. I miss hanging washing on a real clothesline. #apartmentliving
  3. The champagne I bought from the $$$ my old boss gave me as a farewell gift
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Being dragged kicking and screaming to Disneyland Paris
  1. If I have to
  2. Then this ride happened!!!
  3. And I was like
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Just cause I'm feeling a little jet lagged this afternoon and need to stay awake
  1. Nat & Lester's wedding
    One of the most decadent weddings I have been to. Best fun though (ex-colleagues)
  2. Sunset in Kent
    This was last night. Really gorgeous sunset for my last night as a 36 year old
  3. Some random beach in WA
    That @jesszaffino took me too last year. Was a relaxing morning in the sun where I was being mean about tourists wearing sneakers on the beach. Don't do it people!!! It takes 2 secs to take them on and off
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Why they are a killer....
  1. The interrupted sleep
    You know you have to get up at 2:30am and wake up every hour to make sure you don't sleep through the alarm
  2. The alarm!!!
    How come every time it goes off especially at 2am you have just drifted off into deep REM
  3. Nothing's open!!
    Everything's shut at the airport until at least 4:30 so you have to hang around like a loser.
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The dilemmas of a shoe-aholic. Yes there is such a thing. This is to purchase even before I leave the country!!!!
  1. Gray studs
    What can I say!
  2. The wedge
    Basic staple
  3. The shiny nude
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Thanks @jessknuckey for introducing me to this new tool..... So as I'm about to head off on my next holiday I thought I should Li.st what inspires my trips
  1. Visiting friends and/or family
    There's nothing worse than ringing your mate in xyz location when you are drinking and you agree to go to said location. It's only when you are reminded the following day you remember the discussion vaguely 😝.
  2. The bucket list
    We all have one, of locations or experiences that we must do. Mine unfortunately seems to keep on growing. People stop giving me ideas
  3. The food
    Hence my trip back to Paris. Honestly I'm looking forward to walking around Le Marais and finding little gems. Any recommendations for dining experiences are welcome
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