Thanks @jessicaz for introducing me to this new tool..... So as I'm about to head off on my next holiday I thought I should what inspires my trips
  1. Visiting friends and/or family
    There's nothing worse than ringing your mate in xyz location when you are drinking and you agree to go to said location. It's only when you are reminded the following day you remember the discussion vaguely 😝.
  2. The bucket list
    We all have one, of locations or experiences that we must do. Mine unfortunately seems to keep on growing. People stop giving me ideas
  3. The food
    Hence my trip back to Paris. Honestly I'm looking forward to walking around Le Marais and finding little gems. Any recommendations for dining experiences are welcome
  4. Shopping!!!!!!!!!
    As you come to know me you will quickly discover travel and shopping drive me. I haven't even left Australia yet and day 2 in London I pick up 4 new beauties to add to my collection.
  5. The people
    Life's too short!!! There are amazing people and cultures out there for you to meet and experience. Just do it!
  6. Relaxation
    Sometimes I just need a moment to stop. Life seems to constantly move and I think that we all need a moment to stop, breathe and rejuvenate to get us through this. My fav place so far to do this is Hawaii - because when you need the simulation (or the shopping) its readily accessible