A lament from the other side of the world. Ok, I know that the world is kind of crazy and everyone is feeling the need to make an extreme move/decision to make the world right again
  1. But I worry that this US election isn't the right move
    I also am worried post-Brexit
  2. Unfortunately true change needs to come from the individual not a leader
    Just look at Barack he tried to make changes but no one followed him. The leader can try and position us to take the chance or to lead you to greatness but if you are scared or aren't prepared to change nothing will ever happen
  3. Your potential new President (if it is indeed Trump - highly likely as I type)
    Is someone for all intents and purpose is one of the Elite - i.e. Someone that can still survive unchanged if trade agreements aren't passed cause ultimately he has already said he plans to change tax levels for individuals in his income bracket. How is this going to help those minority's or low income earners
  4. The world is already reacting to this
    Stock markets here in Asia Pacific are falling, people are hedging their bets (portfolios), major companies have significant plans to protect themselves over the next term.
  5. My only hope
    Is that the Republican Senate Majority find some way to protect you all. Otherwise what was once the ideal will be left by the wayside
  6. To me this is Obama's lament as written by the wonderful Sara Bareilles and performed by Lamar Odom Jr.
  7. So if are unhappy with the result and were eligible to vote but chose not to you do not have the right to complain
    Effectively you gave that away by choosing to lose your voice on any issue that concerns you, your family or your wider community and to me that's sad and unfair when so many people fight to receive that right.
  8. Good luck as we are all going to need it