1. Rent a granny - people can rent a granny for a day, hour, visit. Provides income and interaction for the elderly, and a chance for people to connect to older generations.
  2. Handy care - a service that offers general "handy" services, like cleaning under furniture, or sweeping the front sidewalk, that become much more difficult as you age. Even includes tasks like grocery shopping.
  3. Hospital care - elderly who are lonely are paired with hospital patients who can't get out (so very sick people, young kids with cancer, etc) to keep each other company. Not sure how revenue would be generated.
  4. A newsletter on current trends, slang, fashion, etc so that an elderly person can more easily relate to younger people. It would include examples of older slang, trends, from the old person's youth, and relate it to the current trend.
  5. Old wives almanac - older people contribute collected wisdom, stories, anecdotes, and lessons learned to pass that info on to others. Submissions would be paid, so the business supports elderly with income.
  6. Shuttle service - especially beneficial to those who live alone but are getting to a point where driving poses risks. Rather than an app, this would be a call-in service that operates like a bus line with specific destinations, that picks you up, and allows you to ride with others to increase social interaction.
  7. Pharmacist and Doctor translator - someone who simplifies doctor or pharmacist instruction into basic English, and helps you organize your care, including scheduling of medication.
  8. Fraud care - someone who you contact that helps you make sure that you aren't being scammed. You say, someone from the IRS called about X, and they research and make sure it isn't a scam before you send out any money.
  9. Mobility and exercise specialists - a company that sends personal trainers focused on maintaining and improving mobility for the elderly. So think physical therapy, with a focus on quality of life by helping that elderly person stay active, or to get active.
  10. Technology tutor - tvs and similar electronics are changing constantly and this company provides training around the basic use of all of the new technologies. How to use your tv remote, how to use a smart phone, etc.