I don't have a lot of "things" I want to see. I really just want to wander semi-aimlessly and see what adventures would come to me.
  1. Amsterdam - Red Light District (except for this time I'd actually choose a woman in a window)
  2. Cairo - the Nile as it snakes near the city, the nearby pyramids
  3. Bangkok - I just want to wander the streets for a few weeks with no agenda, and see where else in the country that would lead me
  4. Mumbai or Delhi - same story as Bangkok. I really just want a backpack of clothes and necessities (so not much, really), a limited budget, my wits, and no agenda to become lost and see where that leads me
  5. Hong Kong - see above
  6. Tokyo - also see above
  7. Paris - see above, but with a bigger budget to eat out at European prices
  8. Rio de Janeiro - see above, same as paris
  9. Budapest - see above
  10. Cape Town - see above