1. Google and its various additives - I use search literally 10 times per day, chrome is my browser, Gmail is my email client. Don't even get me started on YouTube!
  2. Apple - just like Google... I have an iPhone, iPad, and am selling a MacBook Pro and its peripherals. For devices, I like apples closed system.
  3. CommunityOne Bank NA - I work here, so I use our tools to sell our products all in an effort to make a living.
  4. Ford - I drive a Ford, and love how spoiled I feel in it compared to my previous cars.
  5. Amazon - I buy so much off of amazon; books, the kindle app, and so many other things (even bubble bath!).
  6. Samsung - our tv and surround sound system are made by Samsung. We use the smart tv and equipment to watch movies and tv and stand up comedy and all of our mindless entertainment.
  7. Netflix/Hulu - similar to Samsung, these 2 companies are the root of our mindless entertainment.
  8. Facebook/Twitter - I am not a heavy social media user, but with work sometimes being pretty slow, I occasionally cruise the sites to fill my afternoon.
  9. BJs/Trader Joes - the source of our food. We occasionally use Harris Teeter, but the other 2 account for 80% of what we eat (or more).
  10. FedEx - I prefer FedEx for when I sell things on eBay, and it seems like most things I order come via FedEx.