I guess 10 non-topic ideas that seem crazy to me?
  1. What if there was a way to deliver actual quality meals without the risk of them getting cold. Not like Jimmy Johns or pizza, but something fancy.
  2. What if people could work on the things they were good at and didn't hate? And there was just a livable (even reasonably comfortable) nation-wide base salary that everyone was paid so they could pursue that work?
  3. What if jobs could actually be done remotely? Like my current job, it could be done, to about 90% effect, remotely, and the 10% could be done remotely with some extra technology.
  4. Why can't shoes have a color-changing material? Imagine how easy life would be if my same dress shoes could be various shades of brown, plus black? Maybe a battery in the heel, and electric energy to adjust the color, like the opacity of those fancy windows.
  5. What if people actually slept the 8ish hours they need each night and didn't need to rely of caffeine just to show up each day?
  6. What would happen if everyone just threw in the towel on organized religion? You can still believe whatever you want, but the churches would lose their tax-exempt status and be treated like the businesses that the are.
  7. Same thing for allegedly non-profit universities (all of them but the handful of for-profit schools out there)? What if their endowments were taxed, and if they had to actually deliver the product they charge for?
  8. If RainX works so well on windows, why doesn't that company come up with an outer paint layer that comes on cars and an outer film permanently installed on windows? Home windows too.
  9. Why aren't there more companies that rent out A/V equipment for anything ranging from a house party to a mini-concert?
  10. Outside of the traceability/anonymity benefits of cash, why do people still want it? And why can't I use a debit card to pay for lottery tickets?