1. Clog - a humorous tale about how a specific toilet, in a specific bathroom, in a famous place, becomes clogged. Starts with a toilet clog, and then the whole story of how the events culminated in the clogging and closing with the big reveal of what is clogging the toilet.
  2. Normal - a day in the life of the worlds most normal person, completely mundane, until she meets a quirky stranger and they have an unusual string of interactions all on one day, before life returns to normalcy the next day.
  3. The driver - a cab driver or uber driver goes about their day of driving and interacts with a broad cross-section of strangers. It all provides just a short snippet into each passenger's life.
  4. Home - the history of a home is told through the eyes of the families that have lived there.
  5. To be an architect - the story of someone who wants to be an architect but realized this desire in their late 30s or 40s. It follows their inner struggle to design and create and find meaning in design when there are few opportunities to make a career of it.
  6. The sailboat - the transformative story about a depressed man who inherits a working but not great shape sailboat who then sets out to restore the boat and pursue a journey to some far off land, and on the way becomes much more confident and self sufficient.
  7. Hike - a story about a widowed father and his teenage daughter hiking the AT, addressing issues of loss of the mother, parenting, growing up, and their future as a family.
  8. At the bazaar - a girl works at a street stand selling paintings, a boy works just across from her at a stand selling hats. They slowly develop a friendship, maybe even seem to have feelings of love, but the story ends before anything ever happens, leaving their future to the watchers' imagination.
  9. Under the willow branches - two siblings grow up playing under a giant willow tree. They reminisce while sitting under this tree when they are called home to attend a parent's funeral, and realize how important their time together under the tree was.
  10. Los manos - a story about a South American craftsman who lovingly builds amazing furniture by hand. It is all very elegant in design and form, built with the care of a true artist.