1. Simplify your phone - a kid would reorganize all of the apps on your phone using usage stats and folders so things you use frequently are on the front page or in the bar, and less frequent things are in folders on subsequent pages.
  2. Social feed - a kid would set up your social media accounts, and then link them so that your Instagram feed would also post to Twitter, and maybe Facebook if you wanted. Or to whatever feeds you'd want.
  3. Basic needed apps - a kid would install those apps that are universally useable, and then teach you how to incorporate them (like Waze, a real weather app, Google, etc.).
  4. Summarize - a kid would read and summarize books or other data and summarize that info into a digestible bullet list for your review, saving you time to do other things.
  5. Entertainment center - set up and connect your tv and connected devices, including update and log in to your entertainment sites (YouTube, Netflix, Hulu), and teach you how to use your remote to control everything.
  6. Tease - a kid (preferably a teenager) will look you up and down and then tease your for a minute or two. That will show you where your outfit or look can be improved and also toughen you up for criticism before a presentation.
  7. Desktop - the same thing as #1 but for your computer rather than your phone. Declutter the desktop and organize your files and apps so that they're easy to find and use.
  8. Meme humor - don't be the last to find out about the funny online. Hire a teen to show you!
  9. The stalker - hire a kid to stalk your kid online so you know what they're up to behind your back and what kind of losers they interact with...
  10. Inbox assassin - help set up filters, folders, and auto responders so that managing the inbox becomes a simple process, including in subscribing from stupid email lists.