1. Negotiate for better prices or rates for everything.
  2. Pay cash when possible and ask for a cash discount.
  3. Count to 3 and ask if you need something before making an impulsive purchase.
  4. Eliminate buying drinks at restaurants and eateries. That $3 soda could be used for something that won't kill you...
  5. Take better care of the things you need and use regularly. Save money by stretching the time between replacement.
  6. Walk more, or ask if the thing is worth driving for. No point just cruising. Gas isn't cheap.
  7. Go to the library. Checking out books is free. Don't buy every book that sounds interesting.
  8. Use the right amount of toothpaste. Some people use way too much.
  9. Ask if there is a substitute: is there a laptop with the same features and specs and body for less, etc.
  10. Focus on the things you have and your need for things will diminish.