Things I've heard or read that left me in awe
  1. Less but better - this has slowly started to become my mantra. I am trying to apply it everywhere. With my wardrobe, I had been planning more things, but now, I've decided to buy better and cut the number of items roughly in half. Same with activities. It can be applied anywhere (almost).
  2. Making smaller circles - the process of internalizing and then refining everything. Distilling an action or philosophy into its most basic and powerful form.
  3. I don't fear the man who knows 1000 different kicks, I fear the man who has practiced 1 kick 1000 times - this returns to the previous 2 statements, in that finding the distilled element and building on the best, simplest frame is how strong things are constructed.
  4. A good plan that you follow is better than the perfect plan that you don't - it is hard to create change in your life. It is better to find and follow a plan that's "good enough" to get started, and refine over time.
  5. You have to let them cry/fall - I want a strong, self-sufficient daughter, and even though right now we're applying this lesson to sleeping at night, there will be many times when the most I can do is give her a hug and tell her I love her. That will be hard, as a dad I want to protect and also to always fix things for her.
  6. The best way to remove clutter and tidy is to simply throw things away - clearing out unnecessary items not only clutters your home and space, but also carries a burden on your mind. Get rid of cluttered friendships/relationships, say no to things you don't want to do, stop doing things that you hate (hate your job? Change it!).
  7. If the answer isn't fuck yes, then it's no - trying to apply this has been very liberating. And accurate. Actually doing this is the only way to insure that I have the time and energy and other resources for those opportunities that I really want to say yes to.
  8. If all it took was knowledge, we'd all be billionaires with six-pack abs - another priceless Derek Sivers statement. There is so much information, and if that was all it took, everyone would be amazing. But it takes more, and stopping the research and starting doing something is how to actually make real progress.
  9. Men need the company of other men - I've been feeling a call to maturity, a focus on growth, and an aspiration to manliness/being a gentleman. We do live in a time of femininization of males by being raised and taught primarily by women. True men role models are scarce and almost seem a caricature, but to be a man, the guidance is needed.
  10. The clothes you wear reflect the person you want to be and share with the world - I'm paraphrasing hear (as with most of this list), but smiling makes you happy, and this is taking that concept a step further. Combined with persuasion techniques, focus, and a systems approach, it is entirely possible (probable) to achieve desired successes.