1. We could go caroling. I've never done that, and it would be a break from my usual family traditions.
  2. The last few years, we have hosted small, family friendly driveway cookouts for Halloween, with me DJing in the driveway last year. It's so different from what people usually expect, and we spend the afternoon and evening with family and friends.
  3. We've also grown a NYE/NY tradition with MC, just being lazy and cooking all day.
  4. Take a moment at Christmas and talk about what each of us has really appreciated about the rest of the family that year.
  5. Fast on Christmas or thanksgiving. Just because there are people out there with nothing.
  6. Spend some quiet time alone on Christmas. Just a pause and reflect. Each person just gets some quiet space.
  7. Go for a family outdoor hike or adventure on a fall or winter holiday, because there will be no one else out enjoying the outdoors.
  8. Do a winter cleaning right before or after Christmas. A purge of extraneous stuff.
  9. Write a letter to myself at Christmas and send it so it arrives after the new year, with thoughts on the past year and ideas for the future.
  10. Have a quiet outdoor ceremony to write down things that we want to let go of, and then burn those things in the fire pit and set them free.