What movies have caused a change, or offered an inspiration
  1. Groundhog Day - we really only get one shot at each day. But if we're not careful, each new day becomes a repeat of the day before.
  2. Ex Machina - I still haven't seen the movie, but the combined architecture of the hotel and home that are formed into the composite used in the movie are inspiring as a foundation for design, using subtle cues to trigger mood, and the emotion of space.
  3. Gattica- another movie where setting, though simple, played a pivotal role in the moods and emotion, but also demonstrated that what is written in our genetic code doesn't define what we can achieve, only provide a hint of what is truly possible.
  4. Airplane - no other movie has highlighted the many layers of comedy as well as this movie to me. Visual gags, subtle lines, one liners, circumstance humor, and so many other things. I still pick up on new jokes each time I watch it.
  5. Fight Club - this movie has gained importance as I've gotten older, as now more than ever I see how things others own end up owning them. In some ways, I feel beholden to my DJ gear, unable to just walk away from it...
  6. Natural Born Killers - this is a weird one; for some reason when I watched this movie many years ago, it's raw animalism triggered an untapped "rage" or "jdgaf" in me. What is it like to never fear the consequences?
  7. The Fountainhead - O'rourke's character was both simple and complex, but he could not be separated from his work. His very existence required him to create. "I work so that I can build."
  8. Friday - when I was young, I loved the soundtrack, the comedy, the weed-smoking. As I watched it, though, there is a true message about both being an adult and being a man. Facing fear, paying dues, taking lumps and living to fight another day.
  9. The Usual Suspects - appearances can deceive, brilliance can be hidden, creativity can take many forms. And it's just a cool ass movie.
  10. The Last of the Mohicans - there is a love story, conflict, and the sadness of the father being the last of his tribe, but there is an even more touching story of the son and the girl sister, where they barely exchange any words yet they were clearly in love in an intense and self-sacrificing way.