1. Norman Foster - how did you discover architecture and transition to that career from your original career?
  2. Richard Meier - as time has passed, how have you developed your standards and rigor over time so that your work is still distinct, but not static?
  3. Alan Faena - how did you leverage your small fortune to launch these seemingly massive large and expensive projects? How did you grow your network to include those partners needed to pursue such large projects? Was this a goal you already had, or did the opportunity for very cheap properties just fall into your lap?
  4. Scott Adams - how do you approach developing systems and utilize that learning as you move forward. How did you develop your interest in persuasion. What is your writing process like, primarily the books and blog posts, and how do you later them to be laden with persuasion?
  5. James Altucher - when looking at yourself, and choosing yourself, how do you balance the need for income (basic as it may be, but if you have children, it has to be a non-$0 amount) with the need to focus on your projects? How do you select what opportunities to pursue?
  6. Malcolm Gladwell - what sources of inspiration guide you in developing your story-telling craft? How much is predicated by constantly reading the work of others? How much is just letting the subjects just say what they say and editing it well to craft a cohesive narrative?
  7. Ramit Sethi - how can I package my skills in a way that allows me to "fail forward"? What steps have I taken that lead me to feel like I should be more accomplished but have not been particularly accomplished?
  8. Robin's developer friend - what is an area to enter into this industry? How can you chart a path that allows for learning multiple sides of the business without being locked into a silo? How do you balance the cost elements with the desire to build a good building with good design and materials?
  9. That monk who talks about making and enjoying tea - how do you create a life of simplicity? What are some exercises to living in the present and being present?
  10. Clay Grubb - how has your experience growing up affected you leading a development and management company? Do you still cater to lower income opportunities? How do you see what you do contributing to the community?