1. I regret so many DJ/music gear purchases. But I can let them go because having that gear showed me the things I don't want to do in music.
  2. I regret not buying a cheaper car. But I like all of the features of my car, so I can let it go and just enjoy what I have.
  3. I regret staying in bad relationships when I was younger, but they taught me about myself, as well as how to be honest with others. Let go.
  4. I regret not trying in school, and not pursuing engineering or architecture or design or computers. But I can still work in those industries even if I won't be a licensed architect, so let it go.
  5. I regret not pursuing DJing, or music, when I had the time and money and lack of other responsibilities to really go for it and crash on couches, etc. but I wouldn't be where I am now with a wonderful home and family, so let it go.
  6. I regret not saving or investing my student loan overage amounts, at least partially. But it's gone, so let it go.
  7. I regret not applying for scholarships. Places will give them out, even if only $100, and it all helps. But I didn't, and I have the student loan debt, which I'm paying off. So let it go.
  8. I regret not trying hard. At so many things; school, art, jobs. But I'm trying now, so let it go.
  9. I regret not traveling often and using no money as an excuse. It's cheap to travel, and I'm pretty creative, and it isn't too lat to start traveling more. So let it go.
  10. I regret giving others the power to make my life miserable. But I'm standing up now. Let it go.