1. Sailing lessons - I'm apprehensive about the time commitment and feel like the cost would be prohibitive, especially if I end up loving sailing.
  2. Swim lessons - it is an almost natural skill that young people seem to develop with ease. I'm a little embarrassed with how bad I am at it.
  3. New ties and undies - I'm sure I'll overcome this one in a week or two, but I've been cheap in updating my wardrobe for a long time and only recently committed to upgrading. It's come in waves, and jeans, ties, and undies are the end of the list (plus accessories and fleshing out certain areas) and undies are kinda critical...
  4. Books - to be fair, I buy a ton of books, but I have around 97 more on my Amazon wish list. Part of it is that I have so many that I haven't read yet, part is the outright cost (especially the architecture ones).
  5. A haircut from a barber - I know April wouldn't mind if I got clipped someplace else, and that a true barber may do a better job with the style and look I really want, but it still feels weird when my wife does a pretty great job at it.
  6. Rent movies on Prime - we have that magic box that is very inconsistent on what works, and it would be convenient to just pay $3 or $5 to watch a movie, but I can't stomach paying for it knowing there are free options.
  7. A massage - I know I love them, I know I feel great after a good one, but I don't want to take the time off of work or spend the money a lot of the time, even though I know I'd love it.
  8. Really expensive bourbon or whiskey - I really love the vanilla and sweetness, but I can't really tell them apart and I think the difference would be wasted on my palette.
  9. Parking - I just hate paying for parking. I can make due for a few bucks, but $15 for game day parking (and up) is just outside of what I'm willing to spend. I'd rather park farther away and walk.
  10. Cards - I know I can make them in Word or Publisher, and that most of them aren't that creative, but it is easier to just pick one out at the store. I'm working on this one, though.
  11. I've been unwilling to pay for a tailor, although that is changing as I want to actually look my best.