What could I "recycle"?
  1. Lava lamps - I don't use them, and someone else could use them for setting the mood, or general lighting.
  2. Ladder Ball game - I'm ok with the game, but the set we have falls apart, and is a pain, and I don't think April has played since we first bought it. May as well clear up the garage space.
  3. Warped/scratched records - I've held on to quite a bit, but there is no reason to keep the warped or scratched records any more. I barely play vinyl anyway, but when I do, I won't play warped or scratched ones...
  4. Any of my clothes in the costume closet - I don't re-use very many costumes. They are just taking up space, and someone else could either wear them or use them in some way.
  5. Email subscriptions - the things I receive in my inbox can be pruned. I don't read or respond to very many of the newsletters, and derive only limited value from most of the subscriptions. I've trimmed a few, but there is plenty of others that can go.
  6. Architectural Digest - it's not about architecture, it's about interior decorating. I could throw each issue in the trash and it wouldn't matter to me; why hold onto them?
  7. The ties that I no longer wear - these I will donate. They are too wide for my tastes now, and haven't been worn in years. Time to give them a new opportunity.
  8. My mountain bike - I haven't ridden it in ages, almost a year since the last time, and it's been many years since I've ridden it recreationally. It takes up space in the garage. "But I might ride it one day".
  9. Extra cables - I have cables that I no longer need, to incorporate gear I no longer own. Might be time to trim that down.
  10. My DJ lights, dub fx gear, and all that other stuff that I'm putting on eBay - this one is a gimme because I'm already getting rid of it, but it counts because I do want to get it moved out.