1. Find or create systems or games to make doing the mundane/not fun elements of my job more fun and engaging.
  2. Continue using psychological tricks to create new habits and mental pathways so I start enjoying certain elements that I generally avoid.
  3. Develop scripts so that I have a "choose your own adventure" pathway to drive conversations from needs discovery to a closed sale.
  4. Reach out to people in my network to uncover opportunities that are more attractive or exciting to me.
  5. Develop my pitch and several scripts on my building goals to start raising money for those projects.
  6. Continue being grateful, active, creative, and surrounding myself with positive thoughts and people.
  7. Aggressively pay off debt so I'm less worried about my job.
  8. Continue working on my attitude. Project that I like the challenge and prove to myself that I can face it, meet it, and overcome it.
  9. Launch a side business (or several) to replace day job income.
  10. Study other great men who have faced obstacles and how they have overcome those challenges; how did they think and grow and connect in order to move forward.