1. When you give ideas, you give options.
  2. When you give ideas, you give a different perspective.
  3. When you ask for help working on ideas, you create opportunity for yourself and others.
  4. When you complete the execution of an idea, you have a product or service or moment to remember and share or sell.
  5. When you come up with ideas, you keep your mind supple and strong and maybe even curious.
  6. When you have an idea, you have a purpose, at least temporarily (to think about the idea. Is it good, should you pursue it, etc.).
  7. When you have an idea and share it, you create friends, or a tribe, as people are drawn to your idea or reject your idea.
  8. When you think to come up with ideas, you can daydream, think without constraint, and have a total freedom and creativity.
  9. When you reject an idea, you have the kind of waste that can be used as the component of a new idea.
  10. When you share an idea, you give love to the universe and the person you share with.