They sound hard, but are they?
  1. Launch a newsletter. Send out multiple interesting emails, with further content on website. Develop an information product based in part on blog and newsletter content, but with plenty of extras. I'm thinking bourbon-related. Maybe a book on the history of moon shining, or a planned trip to multiple distilleries, all organized through the site.
  2. Launch website about architecture and design. Feature interviews with architects and builders. Also feature book reviews. Use Amazon affiliate links for books reviewed as well as any other tools discussed.
  3. Develop an intro to SketchUp course with several modules, and have it focus specifically on real design, like for boats, or houses. Not a generic "you can do anything" but a system for designing something from start to finish that can be used as plans to actually build the designed thing.
  4. Make some songs, load them onto my website, and sell them. Maybe, to increase their appeal, create a whole persona, and send some songs to ad agencies who work on commercials for potential licensing. Focus on one new album per 6 months, 2 new songs per month.
  5. Write and self-publish a book, release it serially as each chapter is completed, charging $1 per installment. Once completed, release the complete book on Amazon. Maybe that story of the immortal man I've been thinking about...
  6. Launch a style blog. Maybe partner with a tailor for some revenue kickback. Blog about how fit, consistency, and limited color palettes can be blended to create a great style, on a budget, that always wins. Multiple revenue options from this, including affiliate or referral links, consulting, and even lifestyle design.
  7. site. Once set up, potential for shop for each comic to sell their wares. But they will address incoming questions/stories, and shop will be simple for them to add or remove their goods.
  8. Find a good on Amazon that is liked but has some constructive poor reviews. Then utilize alibaba to have a similar product made that addresses those criticisms. Find 3rd party to handle warehousing and shipping, and sell on Amazon. Requires some up front out of pocket, but good potential.
  9. Hire someone to develop an app with an annual subscription, that helps users to find nearby lunch specials at restaurants.
  10. Invest in a brewery very early on and wait!