1. Use a set time each day to tackle braining. Make it a habit.
  2. Create a space to utilize for the thinking, whether it is just a small thing like a song for mental space or actually going to a set specific place.
  3. Read. I find my brain motor gets revving if I've put high quality fuel into it.
  4. Ask myself why and how questions throughout the day. This could be used as topics for future ideas.
  5. Take little breaks when a sticking point hits. Stretch your legs. Change scenery.
  6. Do a random google search or image search and see if it pops any ideas or questions into my head.
  7. Watch something funny. Or read something funny. I don't know why, but a little laughter gets me looking at things in a new light.
  8. Go to bed at a reasonable hour each night. The brain works better if it's rested.
  9. Exercise each day (or some activity). Healthy body leads to healthy mind.
  10. Take a mental break from time to time. If I take my brain off of work, and being busy, it seems to unstick and work better when I go back to thinking about something.