1. Perform this practice at the same time every day.
  2. Quality over quantity - I target 3 things to be grateful for each day, and the reason why I am grateful.
  3. Write it down - I think more deeply about my gratitude when I write down what I'm grateful for and why.
  4. Use topics if needed - what people am I grateful for, or what things I've bought, or what moments, or whatever. But use the tool to find things to be grateful for.
  5. Ask myself about things that have tested my patience or made me angry, and think about how that experience has benefited me.
  6. Think about things I've learned and where/who/how I've learned it, and use that as a jump off point to be grateful for elements in my life.
  7. Listen to calm music while I write about what I'm grateful for. I find soothing music helps me think of things that I'm grateful for.
  8. Enjoy the daily writing process and be grateful for being able to write, and use that inspiration as a starting point for more things to be grateful for.
  9. Read every day. Seeing other people's lives helps me appreciate all that I have.
  10. Think about gratitude following meditation. Let the time focused internally to drive what I'm grateful for.