1. April
  2. Sailor
  3. Mom and Rick and their support and love
  4. My brothers
  5. Comfy bed
  6. Great wardrobe
  7. My new mega computer system
  8. Music, and being able to play it as a DJ
  9. Having enough food
  10. Excel being way easier than people say it is
  11. My library
  12. My un-library
  13. Sketchup having a free version
  14. Great contacts through work
  15. An interview on Monday
  16. A chance to actually have a purpose, get out of a space that frustrates me, and do something meaningful
  17. Dropbox storage, Drive storage, OneDrive storage. Thank you cloud storage!!!
  18. Having started DJing with vinyl and now having all of these amazing digital tools
  19. Water. Hot to shower and wash, cold to drink. Or hot, in tea.
  20. Flip flops
  21. Great friendships
  22. Being a parent and a husband, with a child and partner that bring me so much joy
  23. This exercise, along with my usual 10 ideas per day
  24. Cupcakes and desserts and other tasty treats
  25. Cheeseburgers, steak, and those tasty meat dishes
  26. Parking up front
  27. Comfortable shoes
  28. Having a wonderful little home
  29. Having skills and things I can sell to make money
  30. My health
  31. Good teeth
  32. Good hair; the gray looks so distinguished!
  33. A good poop
  34. Sexy time!
  35. Feeling full after a great meal
  36. Indian and other Asian cuisines
  37. Oceans and beaches
  38. Mountains!!!
  39. Growing a beard
  40. Beer, and owning 0.6% of a brewery!
  41. Bourbon and whiskey and those delicious smells of a great aged spirit
  42. Starry night skies
  43. Those days where there is a perfect balance of clouds and blue skies and perfect breeze
  44. Rainy lazy Sundays
  45. Streaming videos and movies and tv and sports
  46. Being physically mobile and active and capable of playing sports
  47. Seeing great art, whether being performed, or the static work
  48. Indoor plumbing
  49. Working outdoors or with my hands. Love that feeling of accomplishment
  50. Math. Because it's cool
  51. Little tools like li.st to help me try new things or be more organized
  52. Roller coasters
  53. Memory foam firm pillows
  54. Staying up too late watching an awesome movie or documentary or comedian
  55. Designing houses and buildings and soon maybe even sailboats
  56. Being out on a boat with friends and family
  57. That feeling of rolling waves after being on a boat all day or floating in the ocean all day, when you're going to bed
  58. Cold showers or jumps in a cold tub
  59. A good massage
  60. Ordering an appetizer or dessert, or a slew of both and skipping the entree! What a break from normalcy!
  61. Only waking up once to pee in the night. I'd love to say not waking up to pee in the night, but that's pretty unlikely to happen... But every time it's only once, wow
  62. Having bro time with eric or Eng or a bro
  63. Laughing at funny moments or comedians or just laughing at all
  64. People smiling and saying hello
  65. Brushing your teeth and that clean feeling
  66. Not needing glasses
  67. Toilet paper
  68. Finishing a project, especially a home project. Like building a pergola
  69. The smell of flowers, or of yummy things cooking, or a field. Pleasant smells
  70. Sleeping in, especially on a day where you "should" be doing something
  71. Going for walks and chatting
  72. That effortless feeling when you hit a sweet jumper and the whole move was all muscle memory, especially if you had to do a few dribble moves to get free and it all just happened fluidly without thought
  73. Being barefoot
  74. Bowling a strike
  75. Solving a puzzle or beating sudoku or dominating Tetris
  76. Not needing to be anywhere
  77. Learning something new, for no reason
  78. That feeling when you meditate and it's actually easy and you feel refreshed after
  79. Discovering something new that you didn't know before, like a new haunt in the neighborhood, a new road that shaves time off of a drive, and things like that
  80. Windows and natural light
  81. Lights, for when that natural light isn't available
  82. Fires in the fire pit or fireplace, or campfires
  83. Floating. I wish I could do it in the pool
  84. The way you feel moving through the water
  85. The wind in your hair and sun on your face of going fast in a boat or in a convertible
  86. Chewing
  87. BJs
  88. Watching someone open a present, especially if you know you nailed it, or if it's Sailor, who is so happy about everything
  89. Doing something hard, and pushing through, and finishing
  90. Arnold Palmers
  91. Grilling and grills and medium rare beef
  92. Watching break dance battles or other dancing fun
  93. Happy surprises, like finding money in a shorts pocket or on the street, or samples of ice cream, or an unexpected cheerful letter
  94. Meeting new people
  95. When my knees, ankles, and fingers pop
  96. Taking off my suit and into casual clothes
  97. That clear-your-sinus sniffle and then breathing clearly
  98. Sneezing
  99. People watching