Connie (Robin's friend) or Clay Grubb
  1. Develop rough plan for pocket neighborhood, including target location(s), basic unit plans, summary of benefits, public spaces and layouts, demographic study of area, and essentially a total project proposal.
  2. List of 10 locations to buy property (land) for future development based on regional economic trends, demographics, development trends, etc. especially if the area is under valued in terms of price.
  3. Write a thorough report on trends in either mixed use or multi family developments in the region, including vacancy rates, average time to sell or lease, average tenancy, and cost of upkeep. Look for trends or nuggets of info to highlight that could shed light on possible future trouble issues.
  4. Write a report on sustainable construction, energy efficiency, and construction trends towards providing better long-term structures.
  5. Research and write a report on utilization for mixed use and commercial builds, including office space, retail space, etc, to improve opportunities to lease spaces. Maybe more shared space? Maybe different physical layouts?
  6. Write a report about parking and limits on spaces and width of spaces along with best-practice options for using space for parking while still respecting a site and leaving room for the users.
  7. Study ride-sharing and the future of self driving cars and create a report/proposal on how to convert so much parking into other uses once people aren't leaving cars unattended all day.
  8. Develop a plan for a multi-family structure that can be used by middle income individuals or families. Not everyone can afford luxury, and offering something that meets the needs of large groups could be profitable if the package can be delivered at the right price point.
  9. Develop a report on modular and prefab building with a focus on commercial and multi family projects. How can this type of building ethos benefit a developer? Can it help manage costs, improve quality, and shorten build time?
  10. Study the life cycle of small businesses and see if there are different finance and lease structures that allow the developer or property manager to reap the same profits without providing semi-onerous terms to clients.