1. Low card - shuffle and deal entire deck, players keep cards in stacks face down. Play your top card. Lowest card gives 1 card to player on left. First person to run out of cards wins.
  2. 3-card. I know I'm not making the game up, but it's kind of the best card game ever and I just want to document its existence. Think War plus Asshole, with a blind twist.
  3. High-Low (sober edition) - just like High-Low, the boozing version, but since you aren't drinking, you get a punch in the shoulder when you get one wrong.
  4. Golf - also one I didn't make up, but I love the game and am generally pretty good at it.
  5. Numbers only - remove all face cards but leave in aces. Shuffle deck and place in stack. Each player takes turns taking face down card off top of stack. Player who pulls an ace is out. For 2-5 players. Leave in 1 fewer ace than players.
  6. 32 - shuffle deck and deal face down to all players. Player can use up to 4 cards to try to get a total of 32. Closest to 32 wins. In event of a tie, arm wrestle for the win!
  7. Evens - players take turns drawing off the top of shuffled deck, by flipping over the top card. 2 changes direction of turns, 4 is social, 6 is drink solo, 8 is skip next player, and 10 is draw again. Keep the cards you draw. Person with highest total even number at end of deck (face cards don't add) wins.
  8. Odds - everyone draws from a face down shuffled deck, and discards all even cards and keeps the odds. Person with the lowest total number wins.
  9. 2-years old - basically 52-card-pickup, but you get a 2 year old to say "play cards?" And then she just throws them all over the place and you have to clean it up. Parents know this game well, with not just cards...
  10. Bullshit - didn't make this one up either, but it's probably my favorite card game along with 3-card and asshole.