Frank Lloyd Wright
  1. When beginning a project, does the process start with the purchase of land and then saying "how can we best utilize this space?" Or do you develop a brief, maybe even some basic mock ups, and then look for a parcel that can accommodate that vision? This really only applies to non-SFR projects.
  2. What constraints, beyond physical limits (either in terms of available space or engineering limits) and budget do you find most challenging to overcome? Or that you find most capable of triggering creative thoughts to find a solution?
  3. How do you feel rigid geometric patterns are central to the focus of organic architecture? How does the repetition of these patterns help in blending the work into the environment?
  4. Does the concept of 'neighborhood' or 'community' enter into your design philosophy when creating plans for a single family home within an existing community or neighborhood? Does your design seek to increase the sense of community among neighbors, or the connections between residents?
  5. If you were practicing today, how would you update or alter your philosophy based on the changes in technology? Not in context of building, or climate control, but in the sense of how humans interact with each other, with their environments, and utilizing networking devices?
  6. What updates/changes in building technology do you think would have the greatest impact on your works if undertaken today? Would you still capture the spirit of a space in the same manner, or would how would your design philosophy be different?
  7. When designing for multi-family works, how do you create both a sense of community with neighbors while also creating a sense of privacy from neighbors? How do you view the utilization of common areas, shared recreational areas, and resident services? And how do you prevent the madness of High Rise?
  8. Mixed use is not a new concept, but how has it changed in the modern era? Do you think current mixed use is really just the way that developers try to extract the maximum amount of revenue/value from a project? How did you incorporate mixed use into your projects? Did you design around a master plan, and each building focused on its own usage?
  9. How do the demands or desires of clients influence your designs? Ultimately, at your level of success, they hire you for that FLW magic, but they also must have some ideas for what they want as well. What is the balance between those sometimes opposed viewpoints?
  10. How do you view architectural education? What from your learning provided the greatest lever towards success? What is taught today that is unneeded? What isn't taught that should be? Would you change how your own schools teach, adjust the curriculum, etc? What is the balance between theory and construction, practice, etc?