Ok, I spent an hour looking at Quora questions, and the only questions that caught my eye were the ones that I wanted to learn the answer to, not any I felt compelled to answer. I'll ask questions I want answered instead!
  1. What are the best online resources to learn the basics of Tai Chi? What moves and motions form the foundation of the art?
  2. How important is floating to swimming? How can I learn to float?
  3. Can a business that I own borrow money from my IRA? What is the best way to set up a trust for my assets to better have them in a more tax preferred system than just a standard LLC or S-Corp?
  4. What steps need to be accomplished to launch a small boutique development firm? How feasible is a pre-sale system? How can I manage cash flow on land while working to pre-sell units? What are the most effective sales channels for this?
  5. How accurate is the statement "you lose fat in the kitchen and gain muscle in the gym"? What supplements can help me accelerate fat loss and muscle gain? What is the break point where carbs become a major negative in diet?
  6. What 2 or 3 skills or systems can you teach a child that will encourage creativity, questioning authority (politely) and challenging assumptions in a way that allows them to do exciting and creative and beneficial work?
  7. What books cover both the technical side of sailing and capture the essence of adventure? Can you learn to sail without owning a boat? How often do you need to be on the water before many of the elements become second nature?
  8. How have Capital Bank's previous acquisitions played out for those acquired in previous mergers? Are they always so cavalier with existing teams?
  9. What tools can I use or leverage to accelerate my transition into commercial real estate? How can I leverage my network for new contacts, financing, and opportunity?
  10. What are the most effective ways to reduce muscle stiffness from aging? What exercises and stretches improve flexibility and muscle/movement longevity? How can a person combat slouching? How about combat rounded shoulders?