10 things I don't like, and turn them into things I can be grateful for.
  1. Commuting. It gives me an opportunity to listen to podcasts and learn, or listen to music and think about mixes, or just have quiet time to myself.
  2. Not having cable. Gives me a chance to spend more time with April and Sailor. Or to have extra time to play with new toys.
  3. Having only a short amount of time to work out. Gives me a chance to do only what works, focus on the basics. Also a chance to experiment to see what works best for me.
  4. Having a quiet branch. Forces me to experiment with new ways to get business. Also gives me a chance to build new relationships and contacts.
  5. Having a limited wardrobe budget. It was the reason I came up with my simplified system for my work wardrobe, which is the best system ever.
  6. Having too much stuff. Gives me a chance to give away more of our things to people who need it, like baby clothes and toys, or books, or clothes.
  7. Being a little gassy tonight. Gives me a chance to be a gentleman and leave the room to toot. It's just the nice thing to do.
  8. Not liking the dentist. They love to scrape tarter that may or may not be there. So I started flossing daily. That's been a good habit, and now I miss it when I skip it.
  9. Having a spastic loud dog... Practice patients, and be aware that there are always wrinkles and speed bumps and hiccups and other unforeseen challenges, in every day, in both big and small things.
  10. Yard work. I just don't like it. But it is time outside, usually in the sun, on nice days. It makes me move, and breathe, and be active. I like the result of our yard looking nicer. I like that April enjoys it, and us working together.