I'm in a funk, I don't like my job and it's not going well, but these are the reasons why that's ok:
  1. Sailor. She is awesome. She's sweet. She makes me smile, and laugh, and sing.
  2. April. We definitely jumped into marriage, and plenty of things could go wrong, but so far, this has been one of the, if not THE, very best decisions of my life. Nobody is perfect, but she's pretty damn close.
  3. Free SketchUp. I can't afford Pro right now, but I want to design buildings and homes.
  4. Music and DJing. As a hobby, as a distraction, as a dedication, as a drug. Music and DJing have been my escape.
  5. I have some great friends. A small number of them, but the ones left are pretty great.
  6. Weekends. Or time off. I seem to be wired to relax very well. And I like to relax.
  7. Steak and cheeseburgers.
  8. Starry night skies.
  9. Quiet and seclusion of the mountains.
  10. Ice cream.
  11. Laughing. I love comedians: tom segura, bill burr, aziz ansari, Louis ck, and so on.
  12. The feeling of climbing into a warm bed after a long day.
  13. How you feel after a good workout.
  14. The feeling you get when you help someone out.