LIST APPERS HEADS IN JARS FOR HALLOWEEN - you can put heads in jars too, if you want...or you can just admire my collection.
  1. @madeline honestly, how could I not do this the whole Nicole Kidman thing...
  2. @madeline 2x for having that cast me in a horror film look.
  3. @sloan I couldn't help myself!!!
  4. @Danni because you looked like you need to feel boundaries, no life is not all fairies and unicorns Danni!!!
  5. @13spencer dark glasses will not protect you here Spencer!!!
  6. @ouizoid because this happens if you relist
  7. @relatable whose laughing now
  8. @jaimekessel until I figure out how I feel about other Jaime's on list app
  9. @quinn irresistible
  10. @dev because first we put the rag over your mouth and then...
  11. I think y'all will make very nice Christmas ornaments...
  12. @AlexandraLouise because I am a fan girl. If you leave medicine you should definitely be a pro lister!
  13. @LAmag because everything in LA is "canned" or "jarred" whatever
  14. @sarakeats maybe you will not be so quick to smell things next time...
  15. @gwcoffey this is your look
  16. @robertbrink a fine looking specimen
  17. @LevNovak how does it feel?
  18. @aesthetic there might be a message in the bottle
  19. @brockbiv Dark glasses??? Fake mustache??? Extra tight seal!!!
  20. @WIRED I put you in a jar, I still feel all empty inside... : /. Can technology save my soul?
  21. @stevejobs
  22. @mlb it was the giant eyes...sorry!
  23. @beccatillinghast not too much formaldehyde at once...go easy!
  24. @PopSci enough with using animals for science, this is the last time...I swear
  25. @hannieshit each ingredient really provides its own flavor
  26. @joemurphy can I float something by you???
  27. @agard not everything we do feels right...
  28. @fisackerly Do people bore you? This is a great hobby...
  29. @Ldawg no words...
  30. @jonwolf think long and hard about it, nothin but time...
  31. @marymurphy homeschool this!!!
  32. Bio break-collected a specimen... any lab techs out there?
  33. @girlNmaroon not so cheery now...nah, nah!!!
  34. @drewblahblah looking just right! Is this jar in the perfect lighting or what???
  35. @manda puppy petting just doesn't feel the same now.
  36. @andycohen quit looking at me like that!!!
  37. @julialevin you have an original mind it must be preserved
  38. @jaymytro because your pic was so inspiring!!!
  39. @maya because some people just jar incredibly are so effing blessed!!!
  40. @johannasamuels because I felt afraid and fear is not an emotion I deal with well
  41. @johannasamuels I was overcome with perfect perspectives!
  42. @boygirlparty all sweet things from childhood must be preserved
  43. @kellydehoop do u feel priveledged now?
  44. @Meatball you look tons like my closest, oldest friend
  45. @element75 this is really your look...