How to end a year

  1. Haircut from the only guy I trust with a razor. Nick The Barber.
  2. Friday date night dinner at Heartland on the last night it's open to the public!
    St. Paul legacy. Thank you, Lenny.
  3. New Years Eve brunch
    Goldens Lowertown
  4. New Years Eve dinner and early music
    Black Dog
  5. Hop on the green line...
    Lightrail over to Minneapolis
  6. Party like it's 1999...
    Crystal Ball MN
  7. But really...
    YouTube "Ovation"
  8. Dance in the new year with glitter and confetti
  9. Host the family for a hung over New Years Day...
  10. Top it all off with a hot tub!
    Suggested by   @michael_circa91
  11. And then, on Monday, while the bf heads to the tropics, I'll be couching it with the bff in Minnetonka 😪😪😪
  12. Suggested by   @michael_circa91