1. January
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    Our neighborhood hosts an International Pond Hockey Tournament. Arden loved playing in the shavings from the zamboni
  2. February
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    The first time close to a decade that my wife, @ebsquared, and her 12 cousins we in the same room together.
  3. March
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    We walked through the ice caves on Lake Superior.
  4. April
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    I love watching these two together.
  5. May
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    Photo Credit @ebsquared
  6. June
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    When Oma visits there is a significant increase of giggling
  7. July
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    One of the best parts of Minneapolis are the parks. We visited this wading pool a lot.
  8. August
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    Looking for Butterflies
  9. September
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    MN State Fair
  10. October
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    Anna & Elsa
  11. November
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    A friend and a tire swing on an unusually warm November day.
  12. December
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    She woke up on Christmas Day and asked if she could take a picture of her presents.