There are times I think she has things figured out better than me.
  1. Anyone is a friend
    At the park, library, store, literally anywhere she sees people roughly her size she with say, "Oh I see some friends over there."
  2. It is fun to get excited about stuff
    Anything she likes brings out insane amounts of enthusiasm. This includes finding lost happy meal toys from six months ago, but still.
  3. Everything is negotiable.
    Being told no does not phase her one bit. She always ready with a counter offer. At times I say yes simply because she has outmaneuvered me.
  4. Be prepared to share
    Granted this was her mom's idea, (props to @ebsquared) but taking a second shovel and bucket to the park means you can make another toddler's day with, "do you want to play with these?"
  5. Anything is a playground
    Currently it's our new sectional sofa. To him it's a trampoline park.
    Suggested by @aakraus
  6. Any outfit is suitable
    Suggested by @teardropivy